A 3-terminal based integrated circuit submitted for fabrication

An hybrid CMOS/MRAM integrated circuit based on the 3-terminal SOT device has been designed and submitted for fabrication on July 15th.

spOt Events & Results

Meet Singulus in July !

Singulus will attend Semicon West 2014 in San Francisco, CA, USA (July 8th/10h).

Conference & Workshops

Mid term meeting in Zurich

Following ICN team's move to Zurich, Professor P. Gambardella proposed to organize the spOt mid term meeting in ETHZ facilities.

spOt Events & Results

Toshiba developed STT-MRAM based microprocessor cache memory

Toshiba developed new STT-MRAM technology that can be used to enable MRAM based cache memory for microprocessors.

Technological survey

2nd Advisory Board Meeting

Our second advisory board meeting was held at Micron in Agrate Brianza the 15th and 16th of June 2014.

spOt Events & Results

Formulaire de filtrage

spin Orbit torque memory for cache & multicore processor applications

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