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GREAT kick-off meeting at SPINTEC in Grenoble

GREAT project (European H2020 project) was accepted last summer 2015. Its kick-off meeting took place at SPINTEC in Grenoble February 22nd-23rd.

Technological survey

Everspin launches new MRAM chips for the automotive market

Everspin launched two new MRAM chips for the automotive market.

Technological survey

Schneider Electric adopts Everspin's MRAM in their latest controller

Everspin today announced that Schneider Electric selected the company's 16-Mbit MRAM memory in their Modicon M580 High End Programmable Automation Controller.

Technological survey

Spin Transfer Technologies produced working 60-nm STT-MRAM prototypes

Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) has successfully produced a working prototype STT-MRAM device.

Technological survey

Coughlin sees the MRAM market growing to over $1.3 billion in 2020

A new report from Coughlin Associates says that in the near future we will see dramatic changes in the memory market as as fast non-volatile memories augment and eventually replace volatile memory.

Technological survey

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spin Orbit torque memory for cache & multicore processor applications

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