T0+36 Meeting at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

T0+36 meeting was organised by SPINTEC last November 12th at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Charles de Gaulle Airport
spOt Events & Results

This one day event was dedicated to the progress made towards the delivery of our project final objectives:

  • The Nanofabricated hybrid CMOS/SOT memory test chip and its functional tests,
  • The full report on SPICE Monte Carlo design simulations for SOT memory DFM,
  • The demonstration of a full-chip hybrid architecture through simulation models.

In parallel, partners of WP2 went on working on the material optimization. They reported their last results in material deposition (TMR, RA, uniformity, ...), SOT measurements for several different stacks and exploration of new alternative materials.

The last part of the day was dedicated to the steering committee. 

spin Orbit torque memory for cache & multicore processor applications

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