Work Package 1 - Management, dissemination & exploitation of results

The Management is a key feature for the achievment of spOt and has to be based on well established structures, processses and tools.

The objectives of this work packages was :

  • To initiate the project phases, supervise the scientific and technological progress, accomplish all necessary administrative tasks and provide regular progress reports,
  • To ensure effective communication between the partners,
  • To ensure a strong efficient involvement of the advisory board all along the project and in closed link with WP4 and WP5 for demonstrators’ validation & roadmapping,
  • To disseminate in an efficient way the scientific, technical results and the required knowledge for MRAM fabrication and prepare the exploitation strategy with the advisory board.

Management structures

Our organisation layed on a clearly established management structures where the Project Chief Officer, the Work Package Leaders and the Steering Committee have complementary roles with no overlaps.

An organization made of clear structures

An organization made of clear structures

Project Chief Officer (PCO)

The PCO (Dr Gilles Gaudin from CNRS/Spintec) took responsibility for the day-to-day coordination of the project, using the assistance of the WPLs and the advice of the PSC. The PCO collaborates intensively with the partners for issues concerning the exploitation and dissemination of research results and the project output.

Due to the sharp integrated approach that has been chosen by Spintec to lead its project, the PCO also used the support of its dedicated partner, Toplink Innovation, a Consulting company with strong skills in projects management.

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

The PSC decides about the high level management issues and control matters. It met for Milestones reviews and more often, if needed. Its goal was to monitor the execution of the project within the time schedule and using the allocated resources, to check the progress against milestones and take necessary corrective actions.

According to his track record in the MRAM field, Dr Jean-Pierre NOZIERES (Executive Director, Spintec) acted as chairman of spOt’s project steering committee.

Work Packages Leaders (WPLs)

WPLs were responsible for the detailed planning, coordination and reporting of the WPs. The WPLs’ nomination was based upon their experience and know-how with regard to the corresponding WP topic.

For more information, please contact Dr. Gilles Gaudin, spOt project coordinator.

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