Work Package 2 - Single Cell Fabrication & Physical Properties

The material stack and fabrication of the 3-terminal device has been optimized for fast write, low power, and high read signal single memory cell. The crucial parameters here included the switching current, read signal, switching time, write energy… Statistics of these parameters over a 4” wafer as well as endurance tests have been carried out. More precisely, the objectives of this work package were :

  • To fabricate single memory cells and cell arrays 
  • To characterize the cell critical parameters 
  • To characterize their variation over a single wafer 
  • To optimize the stacking sequence of magnetic and nonmagnetic layers for maximum cell performance
  • To test the cell endurance 

Work Package structure

To reach these objectives, this work package led by ETHZ, was divided in 3 tasks in which the different partners will work in close collaboration.

Material growth and characterization 

Singulus, NCSR, ETHZ, ICN, LETI have maximized simultaneously the writing efficiency and read signal of the 3-terminal devices.


LETI and NCSR have nanofabricated memory cells and arrays.

Single cell characterization

ETHZ and SPINTEC have measured the critical switching current, TMR ratio, longitudinal resistance, and magnetization dynamics for the patterned structures. 

For more information on these achievements, please contact Dr. Gilles Gaudin, spOt project coordinator.

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