Work Package 3 - Standard Cell Modelling & Design

This work package has consisted in providing a set of tools to design hybrid CMOS/magnetic circuits. The objectives were :

  • To provide comprehensive models and a simulation software enabling numerical physical simulations
  • To generate physical simulations results contributing to the improvement of compact models
  • To provide a standard environment to design hybrid CMOS/Magnetic elementary cell circuits
  •  To provide characterized elementary cells easing design/evaluation of complex circuits or systems

Work Package structure

To reach these objectives, this work package led by SPINTEC, was divided in 3 tasks in which the different partners will work in close collaboration.

Physical modelling

InSilicio and Spintec have provided comprehensive models and a simulation software prototype enabling accurate physical modelling capabilities for the optimization of the magnetic cell. 

Design environment

Spintec has provided a Magnetic Process Design Kit. This is the necessary phase that all subsequent higher level design, simulation, and evaluation phases of the entire design flow stack are dependent upon. 

Single cell architecture (standard cell)

Spintec and KIT have designd and characterized standard cells based on the hybrid CMOS/Magnetic technology and evaluated various single cell architectures.

For more information on these achievements, please contact Dr. Gilles Gaudin, spOt project coordinator.

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